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Biotra-LC is most power full and innovative system to analysis multiple parameters in medical diagnostics analysis. We Study the Customer need and expecation in Diagnostics and Research based orginaization, so ours company very much proudly launched Biotra-LC. It's are most Top End Model and unique design with stablity performance, we can perform any clinical diagnostics tests depends on the various application. The determination of purines and pyrimidines in biofluids is useful for the clinical-biochemical characterization of acute and chronic pathological states that induce transient or permanent alterations of metabolism. In particular, the diagnosis of several inborn errors of metabolism (IEMs) is accomplished by the analysis of circulating and excreted purines and pyrimidines. It is certainly advantageous to simultaneously determine the full purine and pyrimidine profile, as well as to quantify other compounds of relevance (e.g., organic acids, amino acids, sugars) in various metabolic hereditary diseases, in order to screen for a large number of IEMs using a reliable and sensitive analytical method characterized by mild to moderate costs. Toward this end, we have developed an ion-pairing BIOTRA–LC method with diode array detection for the synchronous separation of several purines and pyrimidines. This method also allows the quantification of additional compounds such as N-acetylated amino acids and dicarboxylic acids, the concentrations of which are profoundly altered in different IEMs. The application of the method in the analysis of biological samples from patients with suspected purine and pyrimidine disorders is presented to illustrate its applicability for the clinical-biochemical diagnosis of IEM.

Biotra Lc is most power full and innovative system to analysis multiple parameters in medical diagnostics analysis . The system is capable to satisfy all needs of quantitative, qualitative analysis and research function according its design

  1. Most accurate technology for liquid kind of sample analysis
  2. Biotra Lc  will be provide High separation capacity, enabling the batch analysis of multiple components
  3. WHO Approved Technology for  liquid kind of sample analysis
  4. Superior quantitative  and  qualitative  Analysis capability
  5. Moderated  analyzing  conditions
  6. One  Tool for Multiple Application
  7. Low sample consumption
  8. Easy preparative separation and purification of samples
  9. Easy sample preparation
  10. Less cost for sample analysis
  11. Suitable instrument for sample analysis and also research kind of analysis
  12. Excellent supporting for Academic projects
  13. Easy upgradable to Pro Version without changing instrument

Biotra – Lc is separation technique in which the mobile phase is an Aqueous solution or an organic solvent that is miscible with water and the compound of interest are dissolved or an organic solvent such as methanol, The major advantage of the technique is the flexibility it allows in choosing the stationary and mobile phase that the best separate the particular sample compound. More than half of the types of the columns used in Biotra – Lc are reverse phase around a quarter are normal phase   about 14% are ion-exchange column. Obtaining high resolution at high flow rate is the key requirement of any Biotra –Lc system.  Separation of the different components of a mixture is achieved by allowing the sample to migrate through the column at selected experimental conditions. Discrete bands are formed because the different components of the mixture migrate through the column at different rates

            The apparatus of a typical liquid chromatography system includes a fluent system a pump an automatic sampler, the analytical column a detector and a recorder. The Most essential component of this apparatus is the analytical column that is used to separate the components  of interest  in biological sample , The most widely used detector for Biotra -  LC is the UV –Visible absorbance detector , This is a sensitive Detector for organic molecules that absorb light within the UV or Visible Wavelength  spectrum. Which is Widely Applicable to many components; the difficulty often faced in analyzing clinical samples is resolving the components of interest from interfering substances as well as the need to detect trace quantities of analytics. UN additions to states Biotra – LC can also be used to measure. The most visible components can be analyze with UV visible detectors and invisible detectors can be analyze with more powerful detectors.

Clinical Diagnostics Parameters like Therapeutic drug levels as well as the presences of drugs of abuse and also much kind of Poisons components can be analyze

Biotra –LC is offering various configurations so our clients can select models according their requirement without constrain.

This compliance will took correct configuration without wasting Money and also can be upgrade at any time without changing of basic configuration.



UV/UV Vis detectors are most frequently used to measure components showing a absorption spectrum in the ultraviolet Or visible region. A UV detector employee a deuterium discharge Lamp (D2 Lamp)  as a light sources , with the wavelength of its light ranging from 190 nm to 380 nm  if components are  to be detector at wavelength longer than this , a UV /Vis detectors is used  which employ’s additional tungsten lamp
A  Many components have an absorption in the ultra violet or visible region howeree attention should be given to the fact that different components have a different spectrum, components with a large molar extinction co-efficient can so a large peak even in small amounts thus, the Concentration cannot be determined from peak size. Typically, the measurement performed at a certain fixed wavelength. If all of the components of sample are to be detected with High sensitivity, the time program function can be used to measure each component along with its maximum absorptions wavelength during the analysis


Detection of components with UV chromophoric separated by isocratic analysis.

Highly repeatable detection technique with a wide linear dynamic range for methods recurring quantification.

Thermally isolated optics bench for temperature stability and performance reproducibility.

Countercurrent heat exchanger to quickly equilibrate temperature differences of incoming solvent.

Save solvent and maintain stability with convenient recycle valve.

Control of external column heater.



Photo diode arrays (semiconductor device) are used in the detection unit. A DAD detectors the absorption in UV to VIS region. While a UV-VIS has only one sample –side Light receiving section a DAD has multiple (1024 for 102455/2455U) Photodiode arrays to obtain information over wide range of wavelengths at one time which is a merit of the DAD
The idea is that spectra are measured at intervals of 1 second or less during separation by Biotra – Lc with continuous evaluate delivery. If the measurement is performed at fixed wavelength. Components are identified from only their retention time thus , A minor deviation in retention time cane make identification of  components difficult in such a cause, the DAD can be used to identify components  by a compression of the spectrum.

DAD s differ from UV-VIS detectors in that light from the lamp is shown directly on to the flowcel , light that passes through the flowcel is dispersed by the diffraction grating , and the amount of the dispersed light is estimated for each wavelength in the photodiode arrays.


High Accuracy

High Speed scanning

Support to find Molecules

Up to 4 spectra’s can be saved

Analyze can be done while liquid moving



Biotra – Lc will support to produce results on qualitatitive and quantitative form with High accuracy, The output results we can carry to clinical studies and research procedures. Biotra – LC is not at all making compromise on its Out Put.
Biotra – Lc and its consumables is specially designed for clinical Diagnostics analysis and research and also much medical applications .

Online Service Support

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Analyze Biotech Is Loaded With Highly Trained Professionals To Provide Engineering Support And Application To Ours Valuable Clients. Our Supporting Team Peoples Will Be Give Excellent Working Nature So Our Clients Can Enjoy Presence Of Our Professionals. We Are Have Clear Supply Chain For Spare Parts And Consumables So Will Ensuring Trouble Free Performance Module For Your Equipments

Application Support

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Upgrade Support

Analyzing Biotech Has Various Upgrade Solutions As An Added-Value Service To Meet Customer’s Requirements For Function, Application Or Performance. *Upgrade May Not Be Applicable For Some Models.

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As Per Who Norms Each And Every Instruments Should Undergone Validation Function For Cycle Of Period Which Is Ensuring System Performance Up To Standard So Ab Is Moving To Take Kind Of Task To Ensure All Our Customers Systems To Stay On This Standard Up To Life Time Of The Equipment

Certification Support

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Biotra –LC is Most Powerful and innovative system to analyze multiple Parameters in Medical Diagnostics analysis and also the system is capable to analyze Many Kind of research functional areas. Biotra –Lc satisfy all needs of quantitative, qualitative analysis and research function in Medical Applications.

Biotra – LC'S Various Functional Approaches 

  1. Clinical Diagnostics
  2. Neonatal Diagnostics
  3. Toxicology
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Life Science
  6. Forensic Science
  7. Drug Analysis
  8. Poison Analysis 

Biotra – LC is offering wide array of detectors to achieve wide array of applications without compromise so Biotra-Lc users need not to worry about constrains of analysis. We cared users constrains and Limitations while Manufacturing of Biotra- LC.
Biotra – LC and its accessories are specially designed to meet all medical applications with single tool. The results are more accurate compare with other Technologies. Biotra LC considered sensitive with high working Module.

BioGen is a most powerful software tool to operate Biotra – Lc and its variants. The software is designed to user friendly operation.

The Software Module will build with the functions of

  1. Complete system control
  2. Online monitoring
  3. Hardware Management
  4. Up gradation   computability
  5. Remote support and service
  6. Operation  & Data sharing Over networking
  7. Data storage
  8. Multi application support
  9. Suitable for complete Biotra – Lc variants


Analyze Biotech, offer all the Consumables / Reagents / Quality Control Standards / Calibration Sandards / required for running the Analyzers like BIOTRA-LC.

BIOTRA-LC, Consumables like

Valves, Plunger (Piston) ,

Plunger Seals,

Line Filters,

Pro-Suction Filters,

LCRotor Seals

Pulse Damper, Mixer,

Biotra-LC-Reagent kits and Solvent,

Biotra-LC Columns

Mesh-damper proof cartridge, makes routine maintenance fast, realiablity, and stablity
Pistons are high-tech engineered to insure a high quality surface finish
Packed-Seals are designed for long life, multi range of solvent compatibility, and optimum in high performance
Auto Check Valves, result best performance

Source Lamps :

Lamps for BIOTRA-LC such as D2, Halogen, Xenon. Tungsten ,etc,.