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Biotra LC is most powerful and innovative system to analyse multiple parameters in medical diagnostic analysis. The system is capable to satisfy all needs of quantitative, qualitative analysis and researches. Wide array of applications is possible with Biotra LC, that same is Clinical Diagnostics, Neonatal-Diagnostics, Toxicology, Bio-technology, Life-Science, Forensic Science and Drug Analysis. Upgradation is possible in Biotra LC Series without changing main unit, WHO approved technology, Advanced technology, More accurate, Less analysing cost


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Analyzing Biotech Private Limited Having Vision To Become A Leader In Diagnostics And Research Oriented Analytical Instruments With Quality Of Working Module. So Fully automated haematology analyzer. Is 3-part diff Analyzer. 21 parameters can be available including histogram after each analysis. 60 samples can be test in per hour in Hemotx, Hemotx is suitable for medium and large size of laboratory, 3 different modes are available including Pre-diluted mode can be store 35000 results. Hemotx is designed with less number of valves so the reagent consumption is less .Sample consumption is less. Remote support is available

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